Trump Criticizes Omar: ‘How The Hell Did She Win?’

(Fox News screengrab)

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President Donald Trump criticized Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar during a Monday campaign stop in the state.

Omar won her 5th Congressional District primary last week over mediation lawyer Antone Melton-Meaux with 57.1% of the vote and is heavily favored to win the general election in November.

“Congresswoman Ilhan Omar,” Trump said to boos from the crowd. “I mean I hear the boos, how the hell did she win the primary? What the hell happened? … How the hell did she win? This woman is crazy. She’s a horrible woman who hates our country.”


Responding to someone from the audience who said something about mail-in votes, the president said, “Mail-in vote, you’re right. You might be right. We’ll have to check that. Let’s check the mail-in vote.”

“No seriously, how does a woman who hates our country, who says nothing but bad things about our country and Israel and other of our allies, how does this woman win?” he continued. “Where are the people that would vote for her?”

Trump referred to Omar’s comments about the Minneapolis police department before knocking presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for accepting her endorsement. (RELATED: Ilhan Omar Calls For The ‘Dismantling’ Of US Economy, Political System)

“This is what’s going to be running our country,” he said.