‘Biden/Harris Should Start Running The Country Now’: Michael Moore Lays Out His Plan For Stopping Trump

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore called on former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris to “start running the country now,” saying it was part of his plan to stop President Donald Trump.

“Trump, right now, is up to some nasty, scary stuff — stuff we can’t even imagine — and of course we can’t imagine it because we don’t think like Trump,” the 66-year-old filmmaker captioned his Instagram post on Monday. In the post, he laid out what he called his plans to “make sure we have an election, Trump is removed, and the GOP is gone for good.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘F**k Hope, Seriously, F**k Hope,’ Trump Will Be ‘The Last President’)


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“The psychopath-in-chief is actively suppressing the vote, planning to postpone the Election, and has no intention of leaving,” he added, without giving any further details. (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘Trump–You Know Exactly What You’re Doing’ With Anti-Media Rhetoric)

He then listed a three-point “battle plan” that includes calling on Biden and Harris to “start running the country now. Ignore Trump.”

“Call a meeting of all the Governors now and ask them what help they need,” Moore wrote. “Ask industry to produce hundreds of millions of instant-result tests. Now. Get 250 million Americans to take the ‘Face Mask Pledge.'”

“The Republican Party Must Be Crushed and Destroyed,” he added. “Trump Must Become the Last Republican President. A tsunami of voters must WALLOP Trump with a blow so profound, so humiliating, no president will ever dare to behave this way again. We must put an end to this party of Trump enablers and traitors.”

The filmmaker continued, “They had a choice. They chose Trump over Democracy. Vote every last one of them out of office. It’s the end of the Republican Party — a certified terrorist organization that helped kill at least 200,000 Americans. ”

Lastly, he asked who would be willing to put their lives on the line if “Trump tries to cancel the election or if he refuses to accept its results.” He claimed that he would, and that millions of people “will go to DC and encircle the White House until he backs down, resigns or is removed.”