Paul Finebaum Says The Big 10’s ‘PR Nightmare’ Will Make Sure Other Conferences Play Football

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Paul Finebaum thinks the Big 10 canceling football will make the other major conferences continue forward with playing.

The Big 10 canceled football earlier in August because of coronavirus, and the reaction has been brutal. Fans, players and coaches have all flipped out. The face of SEC football thinks this backlash will make the SEC, ACC and Big 12 push forward with playing. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Finebaum said the following during a Monday appearance on ESPN, according to Saturday Tradition:

This may give adrenaline to the other three conferences to move forward without being as careful as they need to be. I know that sounds like a major statement, but they feel it. If you’re the Big 12, the ACC or the SEC, you’re feeling that you’re doing something great right now by playing college football, which may not be great at all. But the odds of any of those three backing down before we get closer to Sept. 26 right now, I think, is very small because of the B1G’s PR nightmare.

I think Paul Finebaum is 100% correct. In fact, I’d bet just about anything that he is correct because it’d be borderline impossible for him not to be.

The only way you can disagree with what Finebaum said is if you’ve willingly buried your head in the sand for the past few days.


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You think the SEC saw the reaction to the Big 10 and decided they wanted some of that action? Hell no they didn’t.

It might be too late to save the Big 10, but the reaction and rising up from players and fans might be enough to save everything else.


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I guess that’s a small victory for Big 10 fans. It doesn’t really help us much, but it does show how selfless we are as people.

Even with nothing to gain, we set out to save football for the rest of the world and just might have done it.

Keep fighting. We’re all in this battle together.