‘Would It Be Okay If The Colors Were Reversed?’: Tucker Calls Out DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Over Violent Protests

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson played some recent footage of violent protesters confronting people before questioning the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, saying “would it be okay if the colors were reversed?”

“Just three months ago, this was a different country,” Carlson said to open Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Whatever its problems, America in the spring of 2020 was making good on its most basic principle — all men are created equal in the eyes of God and under the laws of the United States.”

“This country offered opportunity and safety to everyone regardless of what they looked like,” he continued. “We were proud of that. We were right to be proud. And then, over Memorial Day, a man died in police custody in Minneapolis. Our leaders responded to his death in an unexpected way. They decided that America itself was a lie.”

Carlson said that ever since the left has been “working feverishly to undo the country,” then played several examples of rioters attacking and confronting ordinary Americans.


The clips included Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley calling for unrest in the streets the day before “a man was beaten nearly to death in Portland, apparently for the way he looked,” Carlson said.

“Pressley supports this explicitly today,” Carlson said. “Today, after that happened – That video has been on the internet all day – Pressley spoke at a virtual event and praised cities like Portland for ‘rising up.’ We showed you what rising up looks like. It’s innocent people kicked in the face until they are almost dead.”

“There is no excuse for this,” the Fox News host said after playing footage of demonstrators demanding to be given houses. “There’s no rationale that justifies this, and there is no society that can endure if this continues … So, where is the so-called ‘Civil Rights Division’ at the Department of Justice? Do they think this is okay? Would it be okay if the colors were reversed? Oh, no, it wouldn’t be? Then it’s not okay in this case. Because equality is a universal principle. It cannot be selectively defended or it means nothing, which is to say, it means nothing. Our leaders no longer care about equality.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Discusses George Floyd Footage: ‘Citizens Have A Right To Know Why Things Are Changing So Quickly’)

“Where is the federal government?” Carlson concluded. “Don’t they have a Constitutional obligation to ensure that your civil rights are not violated for the way that you look? Yes, they do. That’s what they promised they would do. It’s what you pay for. But they are terrified too. Nobody wants to be criticized for opposing the mob so they close their eyes and they hope it goes away.”