Another Weekend In Portland Brings Chaos, Assaults

(Screenshot: Jorge Ventura)

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During the 79th night of unrest in Portland, Oregon, a group of counter-protesters were assaulted by men who claimed to be Black Lives Matter protesters.

The encounter, which occurred during the early hours of Sunday morning, shows counter-protesters being spat on, hit with a baseball bat and shoved to the ground. Moments later, the Portland Police Department declared a riot. (RELATED: ‘It Breaks My Heart’: Dr. Carol Swain Blasts Leftists For Normalizing ‘White Shaming’)

“Black people are going to get blamed for that,” a black man tells the white man responsible for hitting counter-protesters with a bat. “You’re gonna sit up here and change the narrative of this protest.”

Earlier in the night, protesters gathered outside the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. The crowd began moving onto the sheriff’s property with a line of shields.

According to a Daily Caller reporter capturing the video, the sheriff’s office made five announcements to the group to not come on the property. The crowd ignored the warnings, though.


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