‘How Do You Sleep At Night?’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper And Mike Lindell Clash Over Potential Coronavirus Treatment

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Anderson Cooper and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell got into it over Lindell’s support for a coronavirus therapeutic, Oleandrin.

The segment got heated after the CNN host pressed Lindell for not having proper medical expertise and accused him of being a “snake oil salesman.” The multi-millionaire CEO is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, and a frequent advertiser on Fox News. (RELATED: The Democratic Party Forgot To Turn Off Comments On Its Convention Live Stream)

Oleandrin is a plant based extract that the White House has recently entertained as a possible treatment against COVID-19. However, scientists are wary of the drugs effectiveness with some medical experts telling CNN, “This is really just nonsense and a distraction.” Lindell serves on the board of the company making the therapeutic, Phoenix Biotechnology, and admitted to bringing it to the president’s attention because he wanted to “help people.”

“You have no medical background. You are not a scientist,” Cooper told Lindell. “A guy called in April saying he had this product. You are now on the board and going to make money from the sale of this product.”


He added, “The reason he reached out to you is because you have the ear of the president so he gets a meeting with the president and you stand to make money from this. How do you sleep at night?”

“I don’t care about the money,” Lindell replied. “I think I’ve proven that. I’ve given millions of dollars to everything that happens from hurricanes to $4 million worth of masks I gave out.” He continued, “They put me on the board last week because when this gets approved by the FDA, which it will, its passed every safety test.”

“I help people. That’s my passion and I can scale things to get it to everybody to save our country.” (RELATED: Postmaster To Suspend USPS Changes Until After Election)

Cooper responded, “How are you different than a snake oil salesman? You have no medical background. There’s no evidence of the substance. It hasn’t been tested in animals or humans.”

Lindell shot back, “I think my platform stands by itself. The platform that God gave me of integrity and trust. I would not go all in on something to help people if it wasn’t true.”