Big 10 Parents Are Going To The Conference’s Headquarters To Get Answers About The Canceled Season

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Parents of Big 10 football players are taking the fight to the conference’s headquarters.

According to ESPN, Ohio State defensive back Shaun Wade’s dad Randy is flying Thursday to Illinois and visiting the B1G headquarters Friday in Rosemont in search of answers on why the season was canceled during the coronavirus pandemic. ESPN added that he “expects” more parents to join. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Randy told ESPN:

How many petitions must there be for the Big Ten to actually look into this? We only have a certain amount of time to correct this, so we need to come together and show more unity and just make them uncomfortable, make them come out of their shells and give us some answers to some questions and hopefully rewind back and open things back up.

I respect the hell out of this move by Randy. This might honestly be the greatest thing I’ve seen since the Big 10 canceled the football season.

He needs to bring an army of parents and fans with him, and then storm the front gates like they’re liberating the players.


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The Big 10 is on the brink of destroying local economies and livelihoods. That simply can’t be allowed to stand.

If the Big 10 won’t give us answers, then we’ll just have to take the fight to them. Nobody asked for this war, but men who find themselves in the trenches rarely ask to be there.


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While I hate Ohio State more than pretty much everyone, just know that I’m 100% riding with Randy and every parent with him.

In this war, we’re all on the same side against the Big 10 offices.