‘How Is It That Bill Clinton Hasn’t Been Canceled?’: Scott Jennings Questions Praise For Former President On CNN Panel


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Contributor Scott Jennings was the odd man out on a Tuesday evening CNN panel, asking how it was that former President Bill Clinton had avoided being “canceled.”

Jennings appeared to be taken aback as his fellow panelists Van Jones and former Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm spoke of just how much they were looking forward to hearing from Clinton during the second night of the DNC Convention.


“The big dog. I mean, it’s going to — no matter what you say, Bill Clinton always brings it home,” Jones began, saying that Biden actually had more in common with Clinton than with former President Barack Obama. “Bill Clinton knows how to move the whole crowd … Biden has that bedside manner. There’s a harmony toward their approaches to ordinary people. They have that kind of working class hero upbringing. I’m excited to hear from Bill Clinton tonight.”

Granholm jumped in then, saying that she was also looking forward to hearing from Clinton. “Bill Clinton is going to be bringing it on the economy.” (RELATED: Former Democratic Governor To House Democrats: ‘Slow Your Roll’ On Impeachment)

“You love that,” Jones smiled.

“Every single measurement,” Granholm continued.

“Preach,” Jones replied as Granholm kept talking.

“I have to say, I am dumbfounded by this,” Jennings cut in. “How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic — how has he survived all of these waves of cancellation, when he’s been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years? We talked about —”

“You believe in redemption brother,” Jones interrupted.

The two talked over each other for a minute before Jennings concluded, “We talked about the use of character to try to say Donald Trump is a man of low character, Joe Biden is … He’s fair game on that. Thats totally fine. So you’re going to say that in one breath and then say, ‘Character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton.’ Does this make sense to anyone? If you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden, having Bill Clinton talk about character —”

Granholm interrupted then, arguing that Clinton had already answered for his shortcomings “decades ago,” and that shouldn’t disqualify him from speaking at the convention.