Elizabeth Warren Included In DNC Native American Caucus Meeting

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the participants included in Tuesday’s Native American Caucus at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

“I’m excited for the DNC Native American Caucus meeting today,” former State Rep. Lt. Governor of Minnesota Peggy Flanagan said in a Tuesday tweet. “Please join @Deb4CongressMN, @sharicedavids, @ewarren, and me (and whole bunch of other good folks) today!”

Warren came under fire in the past for claiming to be Native American, a statement that she has since apologized for. The senator removed DNA test results from her website that showed she was between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American.

After a group of more than 200 Native Americans wrote Warren a letter asking her to address her claims of Native American heritage in 2018, the senator wrote a letter of apology.

“I am not a person of color,” she said. “I am a white woman, and that is how I identify. In addition, I am not a tribal citizen.”

“I was wrong to have identified as a Native American, and, without qualification or excuse, I apologize for the harm I caused,” Warren added. (RELATED: ‘I Shouldn’t Have Done It’: Elizabeth Warren Apologizes When Confronted About Native American Claims)

President Donald Trump nicknamed Warren “Pocahontas” because of her claims about having Native American ancestry.

“Seriously failed presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, just introduced an Amendment on the renaming of many of our legendary Military Bases from which we trained to WIN two World Wars,” the president wrote in June.

“Pocahontas bombed last night! Sad to watch,” Trump said in a tweet during the 2016 election.