Nick Saban Worries Spring Football Would Be ‘A JV Season’ Without Star Players

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban thinks a spring season is a bad idea.

During the coronavirus pandemic, one of the ideas batted around is moving games to the spring instead of a fall, but nobody with an ounce of knowledge seems to think it’s a good idea. You can add the six-time national champion to the list. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Saban appeared on ESPN early Tuesday, and said, “I think one of the real consequences of this is, if you’re a junior or a senior and you have an NFL grade, are you going to play in the spring? Or is that going to become sort of a JV season with a lot of these juniors and seniors opting out?”

To be crystal clear, playing spring football is an absurdly dumb idea. It’s among the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard.

Saban is 100% correct when it comes to star players not playing. How stupid would you need to be to play spring football as a future high NFL draft pick?

Nobody with an ounce of common sense would ever advise that to happen. If you’re a big time NFL prospect, then you’re not going to be playing football right before the draft.

Furthermore, playing spring football is just stupid from a safety standpoint. You can’t have football in the spring and then football starting as usual in the fall.

You might as well just save time and injure the players yourself. It’s an absurd notion.


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Either play football in the fall like we always have or don’t play at all. It’s really that simple.