‘What War Has Trump Started?’: Greg Gutfeld Challenges Juan Williams To Name Just One

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld challenged cohost Juan Williams to name one war that President Donald Trump had started.

During a Tuesday segment of “The Five,” Gutfeld made the point that he’d prefer to have a leader who “lacked empathy” then one whose leadership put people in body bags. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Slams Democrats After Barr Hearing: ‘The Mob Is Just Their Street Team’)


Williams was recapping the speech former First Lady Michelle Obama gave to close out the first night of the DNC Convention, saying that she was right to accuse Trump of lacking empathy and  to warn that things could always get worse.

Gutfeld argued that it was par for the course for the media to warn that things were going to get worse, saying, “Because things are fine, they always have to say, ‘It’s going to get worse!’ And it has probably been very effective.”

“I don’t know, I would rather have a leader who lacks empathy and doesn’t build body bags — have body bags come in every week,” Gutfeld continued. “I would rather have a tweeter who’s a dove than a lovely, delightful person who lets people die.”

“Wait a second, did you miss the body count on the COVID virus?” Williams interrupted. “The virus has a lot of body count.” (RELATED: Juan Williams Defends Portland Mayor — Kennedy Calls Wheeler ‘The Nutless Wonder’)

“Well that has nothing to do with Trump,” Gutfeld shot back. “I don’t think he created the virus in the lab, Juan. I don’t think so. I’m talking about war.”

“The virus has resulted in a lot of deaths,” Williams said that some Americans believed that Trump had caused the body count to rise because he was unable to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

“What wars — what has Trump started, Juan?” Gutfeld pushed back. “One question and then we’ll go. What wars has Trump started. Has he started any wars?”

“His lack of ability to deal with this virus —” Williams kept going.

“Apparently not,” Gutfeld interrupted to close out the segment. “All right. Couldn’t answer the question!”