‘The Video Speaks For Itself’: Field Reporter Breaks Down Portland Assault Footage

(Headshot: Screenshot, Samantha Renck; Background Photo: Screenshot, Drew Hernandez)

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Drew Hernandez, the host and producer of the show “Lives Matter,” spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about his reporting in Portland, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

In Portland Sunday night, Adam Haner was allegedly assaulted by Marquise Love, who was recently arrested by police. While the alleged incident itself was captured by Kalen from Scriberr news, Hernandez filmed the moments prior.

“Black Lives Matter was holding a rally in front of the justice center and they had a guest speaker,” Hernandez said. “She was spewing some pretty violent and vile rhetoric. She was making comments like she believes cops should be electrocuted and that she wished that police officers were strangled by their umbilical cords when they were babies.”

Hernandez added, “it was a pretty slow night and out of nowhere these Black Lives Matter protesters, and Marquise Love was one of them — he actually began this — started surrounding this young, white male accusing him of recording them.”

When asked how he knew they were Black Lives Matter protesters, he said “they were attending the Black Lives Matter rally. They were chanting the chants the entire time. It’s pretty clear it [was] a Black Lives Matter rally. If you look at the footage, all of these thugs are chanting ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

Hernandez also discussed who Marquise Love is, his thoughts on whether or not Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and more. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats Ignoring Antifa Anarchy In Portland)


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