‘Let Me Finish, Let Me Finish’: Greg Gutfeld And Juan Williams Clash Over Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams clashed Friday over President Donald Trump and what to expect from next week’s Republican National Convention.

Williams began the conversation on “The Five” by suggesting that Republicans might attempt to set the bar low by claiming that President Trump didn’t do as well when he was forced to stick to a script. (RELATED: ‘What War Has Trump Started?’: Greg Gutfeld Challenges Juan Williams To Name Just One)


Cohost Jesse Watters just laughed at Williams, saying that he didn’t believe the Democratic National Convention had set a very high bar. “Were you watching the same convention? It looked like the high school a/v team put that together. The bar is pretty low and I think the president will exceed those expectations,” Watters said.

Watters went on to offer several suggestions for the RNC, namely that they end the speeches earlier in the evening and make sure to include First Lady Melania Trump.

Williams jumped back in then, saying that showmanship was one of Trump’s strengths and wondering how that might translate to a virtual convention.

“What do you think about what kind of show can the president put on? Is it all going to be about grievance and the descent into violence and the minorities will come into your suburbs, is that what we’re going to get?” Williams asked. (RELATED: Trump Says ‘The Suburban Housewife’ Will Vote For Him Because He Ended Policy ‘Where Low Income Housing Would Invade Their Neighborhood’)

“No, because he hasn’t said that. I think you just made all that up,” Gutfeld replied. “But that’s okay, Juan. He doesn’t say minorities are coming into the neighborhood. You dream that and you put it into this question thinking I’m going to let it slide, but I’m not, I’m going to call you out on that lie. Do you notice when Trump talks about —”

“There’s no lie, that’s the truth —” Williams protested.

“Let me finish, let me finish,” Gutfeld pushed back as Williams tried to keep talking over him. “Juan, let me finish, let me finish.”

“I’ll let you finish your distortion,” Williams shot back.

Williams appeared to be referencing comments President Trump made about low income housing moving into the suburbs and the fact that he was rolling back regulations put in place under former President Barack Obama.