‘The Postman’ Star Kevin Costner Weighs In On Trump’s Alleged Post Office Meddling

(Photo by Amy Graves/Getty Images for LTLA)

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Actor Kevin Costner called President Donald Trump’s alleged USPS meddling “criminal.”

Costner made the comments during Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” according to an article published by Fox News.

Colbert presented a modern day trailer of Costner’s movie “The Postman.”

“I thought that I had made a mistake not starting out the movie with, ‘Once upon a time…’ because it’s kind of like a fairy tale,” Costner said, the outlet reported. “‘Once upon a time, when things got really rotten, the only thing that could stand the test of time was the post office. The only thing people could count on.’ I didn’t say that, and I should have. Because it is like a fairy tale you’d read to your children at night. That’s how I did the movie.”

Costner called attempts to meddle with the post office during an election year “dangerous.”

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible,” Costner said, referencing Trump’s USPS controversy. “Nothing is surreal. Everything is highly real, and it’s dangerous. And it’s shameful.” (RELATED: Postmaster To Suspend USPS Changes Until After November Election)

“History will judge you,” he added.

The “Yellowstone” star encouraged people to wear a mask and go out and vote this November.

“What you have to try to lean on is that every four years we get to decide whether we’re going in the right direction or we’re not,” Costner said. “And we now, because of the way the country is set up — which is beautiful — we have that opportunity.”

“And anyone who would interfere with that process in a deliberate way to have an outcome — that’s criminal. And it spits on 200 years of freedom,” he added.

The Postmaster General announced Aug. 18 that cost-cutting changes to the USPS would be halted until after the November election.