CNN Guest Says RNC Will Be A ‘Major Medical And Political Disinformation Event’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN commentator Amanda Carpenter said Sunday that this week’s Republican National Convention should be treated as “a major medical and political disinformation event.”

Carpenter appeared on “Reliable Sources” to discuss the way networks like CNN might cover the RNC. (RELATED: Pelosi: Republicans Who Support Trump Will Have ‘Major Doggy Doo On Their Shoes’)

Host Brian Stelter set the stage by claiming the President Donald Trump — scheduled to speak on all four nights of the convention that kicks off Monday — was already telling lies about the Democratic National Convention that was held last week.



“He’s been lying about the Democrats’ convention. He was out there on Twitter claiming the Democrats cut out the words under God during the Pledge of Allegiance. They did not. Of course, this happened in two caucuses, not part of the formal program. The president heard about it on Fox News, got misled and spread the misinformation to millions on Twitter,” Stelter said.

The official Pledge of Allegiance — featured during all four nights of the DNC — was recited as written, but as Stelter noted, there were two DNC caucus meetings during which the phrase was omitted.

And while President Trump did initially say that “the Democrats” had omitted the phrase from the Pledge of Allegiance, he later clarified his comment to specify the two caucus meetings.

Stelter went on to ask Carpenter, “Let’s say it’s 10:15 on Monday night, the president is speaking, he is once again lying to the public about voter fraud, about mail-in voting, about threats to the election. What should the major networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, what should they do?”

“I think the networks need to be making preparations now to cover this as a major medical and political disinformation event,” Carpenter replied, arguing that the RNC was likely to focus on two specific themes — a miraculous cure for coronavirus and the potential rigging of the election.

“Both of these ideas are dangerous to our health and democracy. And it will call for expertise,” Carpenter continued. “I think networks should not be afraid to break in and put an election integrity expert or medical expert on the air. Don’t forget, this is not just Donald Trump pushing this message.”