Frank Luntz Says Recent Polling Trends Have ‘Definitely’ Been ‘In Donald Trump’s Favor’

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Pollster Frank Luntz described recent polling trends as “favorable” to President Donald Trump.

Before introducing Luntz on Saturday night’s “Watters World,” Fox News host Jesse Watters brought up recent polls in Pennsylvania and Minnesota that showed Trump either tied or within the margin of error.

“[Trump] could even lose Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, pick up Minnesota and he stays at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue,” Watters said. “What is your assessment of polling right now?”


Luntz began by urging views to take polling before the debates “with a grain of salt” because history shows “so much can change.”

“Take a look at the movement, at the change between surveys over a week, 10 days, two weeks and trend for Donald Trump has actually been favorable, been positive over the last three, four weeks,” he said.

The pollster still predicted that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would win if the election were held today, but argued that there is still a long ways to go. (RELATED: Bill Maher Worried Biden Isn’t ‘Comfortably Ahead’ In Race)

“We’ve got the Republican convention coming up, we’ve got the debates coming up and trend is definitely over the past couple of weeks in Donald Trump’s favor,” Luntz concluded.