EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Kenosha, Wisconsin, Burns As Rioting, Looting Continues Over Police-Involved Shooting

A person injured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. [Daily Caller]

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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KENOSHA, Wisconsin — The city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, experienced riots and fires Monday night after video footage emerged showing a police officer shooting a black man Sunday.

Video appeared to show Jacob Blake walking around his car with officers in tow. Blake opened the car door and an officer opened fire several times, shooting him in the back, according to the video footage and several news reports.

Blake is currently stable after originally being in serious condition, according to BBC. Blake’s children were in the car when the shooting occurred, according to an attorney for the family.

Daily Caller reporters on the ground saw the unrest continue Monday, with multiple burnings being set ablaze throughout the parts of the city, which is home to around 100,000 people. (RELATED: Protests Persist One Month After George Floyd’s Death)


Protests began earlier in the day Monday as hundreds marched for hours throughout the city. Others remained at the Kenosha County Courthouse, squaring off with officers stationed outside to protect the building.

After the city’s mandatory 8 p.m. curfew, some protesters began to throw objects at the line of officers – these objects included rocks, bricks, water bottles and glass bottles. In return, officers fired crowd control munitions in an effort to force a dispersal.


The unrest continued throughout the night when a large group left the courthouse, taking to the streets with bats, fire and more. Street lights were town down and one man was injured as a result of the destruction, according to Caller reporters on the ground.

Destruction in Kenosha did not stop there. Crowds of people broke into and looted local businesses. Some, like a small furniture store, were set on fire. One Caller reporter saw individuals light a piece of paper on fire, leaving it to burn on an armchair inside the local store.

Less than an hour later, the entire structure was engulfed in flames.


Multiple car lots, a corrections facility and numerous garbage trucks were also lit on fire. An apartment complex was reportedly on fire as well about a mile from the courthouse, one officer told a Caller reporter.

It was unclear if any people were trapped inside, but the officer noted that other buildings in the area were also burning.

Some residents expressed frustration at the destruction, telling members of the group to focus their anger towards police instead of destroying the community. In one incident, three armed men stood guard outside of a gas station and were harassed.

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A firetruck on fire in Kenosha, Wisconsin. [Daily Caller]

The men hit back at the crowd, telling them that they were there to protect residents and criticizing destroying local businesses as a form of protest.


As the night wore on, officers arrived at various parts of the city and began to successfully disperse those remaining. Fire trucks were seen arriving en masse, but they appeared overwhelmed. Help later came from nearby counties and officers shut down streets as firefighters battled flames all around the city.

The evening in Kenosha ended with the thick smell of smoke still hanging in the air. Officers and firefighters remained out to restore order after declaring the scene an unlawful assembly.

Back at the courthouse, some people remained to face off against officers.