Fox Nation Host Joey Jones: ‘When Something Goes Wrong, Someone Has To Respond’

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Johnny “Joey” Jones, a United States Marine and Fox News contributor, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the lawlessness throughout the country, the Democratic National Convention and more.

Civil unrest and general lawlessness have continued nationwide, particularly in major cities like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. A video recently captured by Kalen from Scriberr news shows Adam Haner being kicked in the neck by a man who police have identified as Marquise Love in Portland. (RELATED: ‘The Video Speaks For Itself’ Field Reporter Breaks Down Portland Assault Footage)

“Usually when I see one of these videos — and we’ve learned this lesson the hard way in media — you want to know everything that happened before that video,” Jones said. “But, when you watch this particular video, there’s really not an excuse of what happened before the video for that to happen.”

Jones, who is also a host on Fox Nation, said, “You expect this from places where people aren’t educated and you feel that it’s an evil thing. But, here in this country, there’s no excuse for that.”

“Law and order,” previously a prominent theme for President Donald Trump, was not mentioned once during the entire Democratic National Convention, per Newsweek.

“When conservatives or people that aren’t really political hear ‘law and order,'” Jones said, “They think ‘OK, safe for me to go downtown. It’s safe for me to live my life.’ If you’re on the far-left — and I think the DNC is dipping their feet into this, not quite jumping headfirst — ‘law and order’ mean police brutality and this narrative they’ve pushed forward. I didn’t expect that to be mentioned.”

He also discussed the coronavirus pandemic, the “defund the police” movement and more.


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