Bella Thorne Makes $2 Million On OnlyFans In 1 Week

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

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Actress Bella Thorne claimed she made $2 million in the first week after she launched her OnlyFans account.

Thorne explained she plans to put the earnings she’s made on the site into her production company or send them to charity in an interview published Tuesday by the Los Angeles Times. Thorne has been charging subscribers $20 per month to view her content, although it’s unclear what kind of content she is offering.

Thorne did clarify on Twitter that she is not offering nudity.

“It’s a feature we are researching as I’m living it currently,” Thorne explained to the outlet. “What are the ins and outs? What does a platform like this do to its users? What’s the connective material between your life and your life inside the world of OnlyFans? … How can it change your life for the worse and the better? How far are you willing to go, and how far do you WANT to go? You can be me, or this talented girl from Montana, and OnlyFans could change your life — if you want it to, of course.” (RELATED: REPORT: Bella Thorne Breaks Record Single Day Earnings On X-Rated Site OnlyFans)

This is one of the weirder ideas I’ve seen on the internet recently, but I really think it’s interesting and something people will want to know about. OnlyFans is a semi new thing and everyone is wondering if it’s worth it.

I’d really like to see Thorne talk with and interview girls who have used the site and really do have a changed life afterwards.