EXCLUSIVE Footage: Inside The Deadly Third Night Of Kenosha Riots

Daily Caller

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The third night of riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, left 2 people dead as chaos ensued.

The night began with a standoff between rioters and police. Videos showed a large crowd facing off with police at a fence. Armored vehicles were deployed, and rioters were seen throwing trash and other objects at them. One person managed to bring a vehicle to a stop by standing in front of it, a video showed.

Another rioter was seen attempting to light an American flag on fire before being hit with a pepper bullet. (RELATED: State Of Emergency Declared In Wisconsin During Night Of Unrest)


Rioters used a dumpster to form a barrier between them and the police. A large group of officers with shields and other protective equipment arrived on the scene to disperse the crowd, who were throwing fireworks at armored trucks and attempting to block the trucks with a traffic cone and a dumpster.

A group of armed civilians later arrived, and a few men with guns climbed onto the roof of a car dealership, which they claimed to be protecting.

The crowd then began throwing objects at National Guard soldiers, who fired crowd control munitions back at them.

Across the street from the furniture store that was burned down during Monday night’s riots, a large pile of tires was set on fire.

Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinniss rushed to render aid after a man, who was standing next to him, was shot in the head. Several shots could be heard on a video that was taken by investigative reporter Drew Hernandez, and McGinniss was seen rushing up and immediately giving assistance, taking his shirt off to use as a makeshift bandage. (RELATED: Reporters Live From Wisconsin Riots Get Caught In Crossfire. Two People Shot. Daily Caller Reporter First To Render Aid)

A close-up video of the injured man showed him bleeding heavily. McGinniss asked where the injury was, and a bystander replied, “in his head!”

McGinniss then carried the injured man into a car to be taken to the hospital. “Take him to the hospital!” bystanders yelled.