NBC Plays Chuck Todd Commentary On Mail-In Voting Over Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s RNC Speech

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Kentucky’s first black attorney general, Daniel Cameron, spoke Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention (RNC). However, NBC did not cover the speech and instead showed Chuck Todd discussing mail-in voting.

Cameron criticized “anarchists” for “mindlessly tear[ing] up American cities while attacking police officers and innocent bystanders” and said Republicans can both address the root issue causing the anarchy while also ensuring we are a civil society.

“Republicans will never turn a blind eye to unjust acts, but neither will we accept this all-out assault on Western civilization.”

Cameron also slammed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for saying that black voters who don’t vote for him “ain’t black” and that there is no “diversity” of thought in the black community.

“Joe Biden is a backwards thinker in a world craving forward-looking leadership. There’s no wisdom in his record or plan, just a trail of discredited ideas and offensive statements.”

NBC taped over Cameron’s speech with commentary from Chuck Todd on mail-in ballots.

Todd says the president is “superstitious” when it comes to mail-in voting, noting that states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, where Trump narrowly won, have changed their mail-in voting laws drastically since the 2016 election. He said the president isn’t concerned about Florida using mail-in voting, but rather majority Democrat states. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Sues New Jersey Over Mail-In Ballots)

“He’s worried he can’t win ’em either,” Todd said, referring to Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Trump won both states in 2016.