‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Requesting Presidential Pardon, Husband Says

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot/Netflix)

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“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic’s legal team is submitting a request for a presidential pardon, according to his husband Dillon Passage.

Joe Exotic was sentenced to time in prison over animal abuse charges and for being a co-conspirator in a plot to murder his nemesis Carole Baskin and now wants to be pardoned, Passage confirmed during an interview Wednesday with “Good Morning Britain.”

“Joe’s legal team are sending out the requests for it next week or the week after,” Passage said. “They are driving a car all the way to D.C. to deliver it in person.”

“We all know the situation, the people who are actually in Joe’s life,” he added. “We know he was confronted with this plot to take out Carole.”

“There is loads of evidence that proves it, that was not used in the court case, that was thrown out by the judge,” Passage continued.

President Donald Trump has been asked about pardoning Joe Exotic in the past. (RELATED: Trump Weighs In On A Possible Pardon For The ‘Tiger King’)

“I will take a look,” he told reporters during a press conference back in April.

Passage also confirmed he had been filmed for a season two of “Tiger King.”

“I’ve done a little bit of filming for that [Season 2],” Passage said. “I do not know the release date but it’s going to be very interesting because it will tell a little bit of Joe’s arrest and afterwards.”

“I know there’s going to be some phone call recordings of Joe that is going to be in it,” he added. “There is no filming since he’s incarcerated.”