At Least 25 Businesses Damaged Or Looted Overnight In Minneapolis Following Murder Suspect Suicide

(Photo by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Rioters and looters in Minneapolis damaged or looted at least 25 businesses in one night after a homicide suspect committed suicide, CBSN reported.

Looters ransacked the businesses at Nicollet Mall after a rumor that police killed a man there, although police immediately released a video showing the man, who was a homicide suspect, shooting himself in public, according to CBSN.

Looters went after a Target shopping center Wednesday night in Minneapolis, completely destroying the merchandise inside. Looters could be seen in a video stealing and destroying merchandise in the store, meanwhile helicopters flew above the city as chaos ensued and police blocked off several areas of the city. (RELATED: Looting Begins In Minneapolis After Homicide Suspect Commits Suicide)

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey also announced Wednesday evening that the city asked the National Guard to assist in the unrest and rioting occurring on the streets of Minneapolis, which began in May after the death of George Floyd.

“What we’re calling for right now is peace,” Frey said at a Wednesday press conference, according to the publication. “What we’re calling for right now is for people to return to their homes.”

The list collated by WCCO includes businesses that were confirmed to have been damaged or looted Wednesday night, and more will be added as damage is assessed: 

Barrio, Nicollet Mall

Brit’s Pub, Nicollet Mall

Caribou Coffee, Nicollet Mall

Chipotle, Nicollet Mall

CVS, Nicollet Avenue

Dahl Medical Supply, Nicollet Mall

Devil’s Advocate, Nicollet Mall

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 10th Street South

Foot Locker, 7th Street South

Franklin-Nicollet Liquor Store, Nicollet Avenue

Greenway Liquors, West Grant Street

Haskell’s Wine and Spirits, 9th Street South

Hen House, 8th Street South

IDS Center, Nicollet Mall

Lotus Restaurant, West Grant Street

Lunds, 12th Street South

The News Room, Nicollet Mall

Nordstrom Rack, Nicollet Mall

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, 2nd Avenue South

Sak’s Off 5th, Nicollet Mall

Speedway, West Grant Street

Sushi Train, Nicollet Mall

Target, Nicollet Mall (windows at Target HQ one block south also broken)

Walgreens, Nicollet Mall

Zelo, Nicollet Mall