‘Harry Potter’ Actress Jessie Cave Claims She Was Raped By Her Tennis Instructor At Age 14

(Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

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Former “Harry Potter” actress Jessie Cave claimed she was raped at the age of 14 by her tennis coach.

Cave, who was cast as Lavender Brown, opened up about her alleged rape experience during Thursday’s episode of the “We Can’t Talk About That Right Now.”

“I think rape at 14 is pretty bad,” Cave said. “By your tennis coach, who you trusted, a position of power. I was fit and I was very able with a tennis ball. But I was still taken advantage of, and he was sent to jail.”

“There are still consequences from that period of time that I’m only realizing 18 years later,” she added. (RELATED: AT&T Commercial Star Milana Vayntrub Responds To Online Sexual Harassment)

Cave claimed her alleged rape experience didn’t “destroy” her.

“The more time I have away from it, and this is going to sound awful, but I do feel quite lucky in so many ways that I had a rape that was actually … it didn’t destroy me,” Cave admitted. “I think that’s something that people don’t talk about enough with sexual abuse and trauma.”

“There are some people that are okay after, there are some people that do use it and find a way of living with it and definitely are not defined by it,” she said.

Cave was cast as Lavender Brown in “Harry Potter” in 2007. The former tennis player and swimmer nabbed the role after joining an open casting call, Page Six reported. There were reportedly 7,000 girls who auditioned for the role.