‘Protesters Your Ass’: Trump Criticizes Harassment Of RNC Attendees Outside White House

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump criticized protesters who harassed attendees at his RNC speech Thursday night at the White House, going on to criticize the media for describing them as protesters.

“Protesters your ass,” Trump said during a campaign rally in New Hampshire. “I don’t talk about my ass.”

Trump’s statement comes as dozens of White House attendees were harassed, sometimes violently, as they left the final night of the RNC. Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul required a police escort to protect him and his wife from what he described as an “angry mob.” Both Paul and Trump said the police escort saved the senator’s life.

Trump went on to say the rioters were filled with an “unhinged manic rage,” and they “have no idea who George Floyd is.”


Trump also took the opportunity to criticize former Vice President Joe Biden, saying he had a “low I.Q.” (RELATED: Sen. Rand Paul Recalls The First Time He Met Trump During RNC Speech)

Trump has placed law and order at the very center of his reelection campaign, offering to send federal agents to any city in America to help restore order amid ongoing unrest.