Jesse Watters Explains Why He Thinks The ‘Smart Money Is On Four More Years’ Of Trump

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Fox News host Jesse Watters predicted that the “smart money is on four more years” of President Donald Trump during a Saturday night “Watters’ World” monologue.

As the Republican National Convention wrapped up last week and polling continues to tighten between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Watters cited a definitive platform with a “vision” to explain why he believes Trump has “catapulted himself to where he needs to be.”

“‘Watters’ World’ predicts a close race,” he said.


“This is a divided country, but this week the president catapulted himself to where he needs to be,” said Watters. “He’s expanding the map, growing the party and has permanently changed the dynamic of the race by taking action, defining Joe and demanding safety and providing a vision.”

Watters outlined the defined Trump vision as: “Splintering China to become a manufacturing superpower, waging a war on crime, tax relief and jobs, winning the race to 5G, reducing drug costs, cyber defense, keeping America out of endless wars, a vaccine, and putting a man on Mars.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Argues That ‘For The First Time Since The Wuhan Coronavirus Arrived Here, The President Seems Likely To Win Reelection’)

“Barring any October surprises smart money is on four more years,” the Fox News host predicted. “Just look at the betting markets. See that trend in red? That’s because of you.”