John Kennedy Wants Biden To Take Pelosi’s Advice To Skip Debates, Says He’d Be ‘A Walking Dead Man Politically’

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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would be “a walking dead man politically” if he takes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s advice to skip the presidential debates.

Pelosi said last week that she didn’t there “there should be any” presidential debates, citing her unwillingness to “legitimize a conversation” with him.

During an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Kennedy for his thoughts on Pelosi’s advice to Biden.


“Right before he went into battle, some lieutenant probably told Custer, don’t worry about it we can take these guys,” Kennedy joked. “That’s the category I put speaker Pelosi’s advice in. I hope Vice President Biden takes it because if he takes it and doesn’t debate he’s a walking dead man politically.”

The Louisiana senator argued that Americans “aren’t going to vote for a president without seeing him.”

“You can’t stay in your hidey hole,” he said. “You got to get out and see people and debate. And I don’t, you know, I think the speaker has been tripping to think that the American people are going to tolerate having a party nominee not debate for the most important powerful job in the world, but having said it, you know, the politician in me says well, I hope the vice president takes the speaker’s advice.” (RELATED: Jesse Watters Explains Why He Thinks The ‘Smart Money Is On Four More Years’ Of Trump)

The Biden campaign responded to the House speaker’s comments by affirming that the Democratic nominee plans to participate in the scheduled debates.