Washington, DC: Protesters And Police Clash In Saturday Night Confrontation

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Protesters and police officers clashed yet again Saturday night in Washington, D.C.

The Daily Caller’s video team captured some of the confrontations as police attempted to keep control of the situation just blocks from the White House. (RELATED: ‘We Would Not Be Here Today’: Rand Paul Credits Police With Saving His Life After Attack In Washington)


One police officer was reportedly hit in the face when a rioter threw a water bottle into the police line, and police later smashed the window of a van painted with Black Lives Matter slogans. The driver of that vehicle was detained.

At least one protester could be seen in the video receiving medical treatment for an unspecified injury.

One protester, apparently concerned by the number of people coming into the area to join the protests from outside, confronted Daily Caller reporters and demanded to know where they lived. He went on to condemn “outsiders who are getting black people that live here hurt.”

“You here to start sh*t!” he yelled. “Why the f**k did you drive here?”

One woman scolded police officers, complaining that “there were f**king children out here. There were f**king children out here when you were pepper spraying and f**king flash banging people with no f**king warning.”

Another took a tiny squeaky toy shaped like a pig, shoving it in a female police officer’s face.

The protests continued for several hours.