‘This Is Joe Biden’s Base, And He Needs To Disavow Them’: Rand Paul Blasts Biden For Blaming Violence On Trump

(Fox News screengrab)

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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul blasted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for attempting to pin the blame for ongoing violence and unrest in U.S. cities on President Donald Trump.

During a Monday evening interview on “The Story,” Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum played a clip of Biden at a Pittsburgh campaign stop calling images of violence “images of Donald Trump’s America,” then asked Paul for his thoughts.


“I’d say Joe is confused,” Paul said. “These are his supporters, and I haven’t heard Joe Biden or Kamala Harris come out and say what happened to my wife and I and the other two ladies that were with us was wrong. I haven’t heard one word of rebuke.”

“They are afraid of these people also, and they are afraid to rebuke them because these are their supporters,” he continued. “This is their base. The people attacking us, attacking the federal building, this is Joe Biden’s base, and he needs to disavow them.”

Paul, his wife, and several others were accosted by rioters as they attempted to leave Thursday night’s Republican National Convention finale at the White House. (RELATED: Joe Biden Shoots Down Self-Defense, Attacks Gun Owners)

“This is their message, that somehow they are living in fear so everyone else should be terrorized as well, instead of the message that what a great country we have and you can succeed too if you try hard,” he said.