14.5-Foot, 770-Pound Crocodile Captured At Australian Tourist Attraction

(Credit: Shutterstock krunal05)

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A massive saltwater crocodile was captured at a remote nature park in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The creature trapped by wildlife rangers is 14.5 feet long and weighs roughly 770 pounds, according to an article published Monday by the Associated Press. The male crocodile was caught in the Flora River, 75 miles southwest of the town of Katherine.

Senior wildlife ranger John Burke claimed the saltwater crocodiles are increasing in number. The crocodiles were made a protected species in Australia in the 1970s, the Associated Press reported.

“They certainly are increasing, and that’s part of the reason we have the management zones — to reduce the numbers in high-visitation areas so there’s less chance of interaction between salties and people,” Burke told the Associated Press. (RELATED: Video Of Terrifying And Monstrous Crocodile Goes Viral On Twitter)

Three years ago, a larger saltwater crocodile was trapped in the Katherine River. That crocodile was 15.5-feet long, Burke told the outlet. Burke claimed he had no knowledge of a larger crocodile caught in the Flora River.

The crocodiles are captured using wild pigs and other meats.

A 14.5-foot long crocodile sounds absolutely terrifying. I’m glad they were able to capture this crocodile. He will be taken to a crocodile farm where he will become part of a breeding program, the AP reported.

Sounds like a better life for him and the humans that enjoy remote nature parks in Australia.