Stephanie Grisham Says New Book About First Lady Melania Trump Full Of ‘Mistruths’ And ‘Paranoia’

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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A spokesperson for first lady Melania Trump called Stephanie Wolkoff’s upcoming book “dishonest” and full of “mistruths.”

Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham claimed Wolkoff, a former adviser for the first lady, wrote the book “Melania And Me” motivated by “revenge,” according to an article published Monday by People magazine. Reports have surfaced claiming Wolkoff recorded her conversations with the first lady.

“Anybody who secretly tapes their self-described best friend is by definition, dishonest,” Grisham told People magazine in a statement.

“The book is not only full of mistruths and paranoia, it is based on some imagined need for revenge,” Grisham continued. “Wolkoff builds herself up while belittling and blaming everyone she worked with, yet she still managed to be the victim. Sadly, this is a deeply insecure woman whose need to be relevant defies logic.” (RELATED: WH Spokesperson: Book Claiming First Lady Renegotiated Prenup Before Before Moving To DC ‘Belongs In The Fiction Genre’) 

The book written by Wolkoff reportedly contains Melania’s reaction to the Access Hollywood tape of her husband along with her alleged feelings for his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Wolkoff also claimed that Melania isn’t the person she originally became friends with.

“I gave Melania the benefit of the doubt that she was my friend, she was different than Donald was, she was different than the other Trump children. … [But] a Trump is a Trump is a Trump,” Wolkoff told ABC News.

“The Melania I first met versus the Melania there is today is a very different person,” she added.