CNN Analyst Mulls Over International Criminal Court Prosecuting Trump Because He ‘Instigated A Race War’

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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CNN analyst April Ryan suggested Sunday that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should prosecute President Donald Trump because he “instigated a race war.”

“This president, Donald John Trump, has instigated a race war in America,” Ryan said Sunday on “CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera.” “Portland, Oregon, is ground zero. This president has basically stoke the flames for racist extremists, Neo Nazis and the alt-right. This president is even defendingKyle Rittenhouse, who went to Wisconsin and killed two protesters. At the end of the day, the mayor of Portland is absolutely right.”

“There is a race war right now because of this president,” Ryan continued. “People are calling me, asking if there indeed is a way to get the International Crimes Court [sic] to come in to deal with this. You know, I’ve talked to some people who are in intelligence and they’re saying, ‘He’s done heinous things,’ but they have to see, we don’t know for sure.”


Ryan’s comments came following an escalation in Portland, Oregon where one person was killed Saturday after Trump supporters clashed with other protesters. The city has seen nightly protests that have, at times, turned into riots. (RELATED: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Says She’s ‘Worried’ About America ‘Descending Into A Race War’)

Ryan pointed out Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old, as an example of the “race war,” the Free Beacon noted. Rittenhouse, who is white, is facing six charges after killing two people and wounding a third during a riot Tuesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin.