Changing The Way You Drive, Lanmodo This Night Vision Dash Camera System Is Worth All The Hype

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Whether you are into photography or you are just looking to protect yourself in the event of an accident, you should absolutely consider adding a dash camera to your car. Serving as your eyewitness to all the craziness out on the road, day or night, picking the right dash camera is not always easy. That’s why we recommend that you choose a dash camera focused on high quality video capturing, especially at night when things can tend to get grainy. What’s the best for this purpose? Check out this Lanmodo’s Vast Pro Ultimate Dual 1080P Night Vision System, integrated with a dash system to provide  a broader view that is far beyond what your naked eyes can see!

(Photo via Lanmodo)

(Photo via Lanmodo)

With up to 984ft (300m) night vision distance, this camera system sees much farther than headlights can. It will not only keep you covered with reliable footage in the event of an accident, it’s going to make your driving experience that much safer , easier and smoother too!

Pre-order your Lanmodo Vast Pro Ultimate Dual 1080P Night Vision System for just $10 down 

With improved visibility, the Lanmodo Ultimate Dual 1080P Night Vision System is geared towards helping you capture a clear view of the road regardless of weather conditions.

(Photo via Lanmodo)

(Photo via Lanmodo)

It’s also important for our readers to know that the Lanmodo Vast Pro is a big upgrade on the Lanmodo Vast which has previously generated alot of buzz. See for yourself a comparison we made below:

Lanmodo Vast Pro

Lanmodo Vast

Front camera image resolution



Rear view camera image resolution



Angel of view



Real-time recording


24h parking mode





Retail Price $619

($199,if you become a Golden Member )

Retail price $499

This thing will even serve as your backup camera and help with parking assistance if you have an older vehicle that isn’t equipped with this technology.

And the best part of all? You can place a $10 pre-order right now to become a golden member, meaning that you reserve yourself a chance to purchase one unit of the Vast Pro with a 128G TF card for just $199. That’s over $420 off what the release retail price is going to be.This promotion will end on October so be sure that you act fast!

And if you decide you don’t want to keep your pre-order anymore, your $10 is totally refundable, meaning this a great chance to get in early on a great product that inexpensively does what other products do for thousands more … part of one great product!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Lanmodo Vast Pro Ultimate Dual 1080P Night Vision System for yourself today!

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