‘You Always Ask A Hostile Question’: Biden Takes A Jab At Fox News’ Peter Doocy

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took a jab at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy during a Wednesday press conference.

Biden seemed to be wrapping up the press conference when he decided to take Doocy’s question, but not before commenting on what he thought the nature of the question would be.

“I know you always ask a hostile question, but go ahead,” Biden said.


“You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done. If you knew that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?” Doocy asked.

“No, what I talked about was not what had to be done,” Biden responded. “What I said you got to take this seriously. You’ve got to insist that we have access to Wuhan. Insist we have access in China to find out for ourselves. We had 44 people from the CDC there. You cannot continue to talk about the president of China, saying he’s done a marvelous job, he’s doing a great job.”

Biden described a conversation he had with President Donald Trump in March or April and noted that the president “listened and he said he’d think about it and that was the end of it.” He then went on to explain that he stopped holding the rallies once scientists realized how fast the virus could spread. (RELATED: ‘This Is Joe Biden’s Base, And He Needs To Disavow Them’: Rand Paul Blasts Biden For Blaming Violence On Trump)

The former vice president has clashed with Doocy, who covers him on the campaign trail for Fox News, several times. Last month, Biden joked that the Fox News reporter would be his running mate.