Model Paris Hilton Reveals She Had 5 Physically Abusive Boyfriends

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for InStyle)

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Model Paris Hilton admitted she’d been in five physically abusive relationships in her life.

Hilton opened up about her toxic relationships in a discussion shared Wednesday by People magazine.

“I went through multiple abusive relationships,” Hilton told People magazine. “I was strangled, I was hit, I was grabbed aggressively. I put up with things no one should.”

Hilton admitted the abusive behavior she experienced at the boarding school she attended in Utah as a child led to her unhealthy relationships later in life in her upcoming documentary “This Is Paris.” The documentary airs Sept. 14, according to People. (RELATED: Paris Hilton’s Family Thought Her Career Was Over When The Infamous Sex Tape Leaked, Aunt Says)

“I had become so used to [abusive behavior] at Provo, that it made me feel like it was normal. They all seemed like such nice guys and then the true colors would show,” she told the outlet. “They’d get jealous, or defensive or try to control me. And there would come a point where they would become physically, verbally and emotionally abusive.”

“I didn’t really understand what love or relationships were,” Hilton added. “I thought that them getting so crazy meant that they were in love with me. Looking back, I can’t believe I let people treat me like that.”

Hilton did not disclose exactly which of her boyfriends were physically abusive. Some of her most infamous relationships include Nick Carter, Jared Leto, Benji Madden and Cristiano Ronaldo.