Wild Footage Captures Bears Wandering Into Stores And Confronting People Near Lake Tahoe

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/CBS Sacramento)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Security camera footage has captured bears wandering into a convenience store and grocery store confronting people in the town of Kings Beach in the Lake Tahoe area of California.

Gas station employee Paul Heigh told CBS Sacramento that dealing with bears in the store was not in his “job description” after he ended up coming face-to-face with the large brown bear one night while working his shift. The comments were noted by ABC 30 in a piece published Tuesday.

“Not in the job description no,” Heigh shared. “Not at all… fighting off bears was not in the job description.” (RELATED: Jimmy Fallon Invites Alex Rodriguez To Spicy Wings Eating Contest From Home And It’s Can’t-Miss)


And this apparently wasn’t the first bear sighting in stores in the area. Video from a Safeway the night before video showed a bear wandering through the deli section. (RELATED: Orlando Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter For Speeding And It’s Definitely A Can’t-Miss)

Locals in the area have taken videos over the last three weeks of various bear encounters at the Kings Beach convenience store, per the outlet.

In one part of the clip, we see a bear lying on the floor of the store and eating a box of crackers and candy. Later, we see another video of a bear wandering into the store and another of a customer swatting at the bear to get him to leave.