‘Doing His Tough-Guy Shtick’: Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Andrew Cuomo For ‘Army’ Comment

(Fox News screengrab)

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Donald Trump Jr. blasted Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for employing a “tough-guy shtick” to criticize President Donald Trump.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum played a clip during Thursday night’s “The Story” of Cuomo saying Wednesday that Trump is the “cause of COVID in New York” and that he would need to “have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street.”

Before asking for Trump Jr.’s response, MacCallum called the governor’s comments a “big change of tune” from what Cuomo was saying “at the height of the pandemic in New York.”


“I think Andrew Cuomo is doing his tough guy shtick,” Trump Jr. said. “He’s had and led the biggest failed state as it relates to COVID-19. By any measure, by any medical metric, Andrew Cuomo has had a disaster here.”

The president’s son criticized Cuomo and other Democratic leaders who called Trump’s initial travel ban from China “racist and xenophobic” before launching into the New York governor’s decision to send sick patients into nursing homes.

“Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order that put sick people with COVID-19 back into elderly homes, hospice care areas,” he said. “They killed ten to 11,000 people when we all knew that the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions were the people most susceptible to it.” (RELATED: ‘I Think I’m Pretty Much Done Now’: Salon Owner Speaks Out On Pelosi, Death Threats, And Possibly Closing For Good)

“This is the typical violent type response that we’re seeing from Democrats and other Joe Biden voters who’ve decided it’s okay to burn down their country,” Trump Jr. concluded. “This is the only time in America, Martha, where you’ll get in more trouble for opening your business to feed your family than you will for looting or burning down someone else’s business. That’s Democrat policy for you today.”