Now They’re Trying To ‘Destroy’ The Salon Owner Who Embarrassed Pelosi

(Screenshot/Fox News)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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San Francisco salon owner Erica Kious said Wednesday that her efforts to expose the hypocrisy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could end her business — and she may be right.

Even as Kious spoke with Fox News host and Daily Caller cofounder Tucker Carlson about the situation, the effort to destroy her appeared to already be underway.

Speaker Pelosi’s daughter Christine shared a photo of a letter from Matthew Soleimanpour of Soleiman APC, indicating that legal counsel had been retained to support the Speaker’s claim that she had been “set up” by Kious. (RELATED: ‘They Will Beat The Crap Out Of America’: John Kennedy Says Pelosi, Other Elites ‘Can Strut Sitting Down’)

In the letter, Soleimanpour claimed to have photographic evidence that Kious had allowed stylists to see other clients prior to Speaker Pelosi despite the shutdown orders, and alleged that Kious had blamed Pelosi for the shutdown orders that had ultimately been put into place by Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Cosmetologist Jonathan DiNardo, who opened the shop specifically for Pelosi’s appointment, had previously claimed that Kious had allowed him to do so and accused her of “furthering a set up” of Pelosi.

Pelosi claimed that she had been set up immediately after surveillance video of her maskless salon visit went viral, saying that she was only sorry that she had fallen for it.

Kious called Pelosi’s visit a “slap in the face,” asking why, if the Speaker felt comfortable and safe enough to be in the salon without a mask, the salon had to remain closed and her stylists out of work.

A GoFundMe started by Amy Tarkanian had raised over $50,000 by the time of publication to support efforts to help Kious, a single mother of two, relocate.

And Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean said that Pelosi might have been able to calm the storm — preventing much of the blowback — with a simple apology.