Vanderbilt Quiz Claims The Constitution Was Created To ‘Perpetuate White Supremacy’ And ‘Uphold The Institution Of Slavery’

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

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Vanderbilt University’s largest class had a quiz question that claimed the United States Constitution was “designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery,” Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) reported Thursday.

The quiz was a required part of the university’s Political Science 1150: U.S. Elections 2020 class, an online course that teaches over 800 students, YAF reported. The true/false question asked, “was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and uphold the institution of slavery?” Students were marked wrong if they answered “false.” (RELATED: ‘I Absolutely Cancel Myself’: George Washington University Professor Apologizes For Pretending To Be Black)

The quiz was reported to YAF, a conservative activism group, anonymously through a tip line. The organization received a screenshot of the quiz question where a student was marked wrong for answering “false.”

YAF also received a copy of the class syllabus, which described the course as “historic” and “the largest class that Vanderbilt has ever taught.”

The course is being taught by professors Josh Clinton, Eunji Kim, Jon Meacham, and Dean John Geer, and is entirely online due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the report.