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Roger Marshall, Congressman And Republican Candidate For Senate, Has A Special Message For Daily Caller Patriots

(Left: Samantha Renck; Right: Rep. Roger Marshall)

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Kansas Republican Rep. Roger Marshall, who is also running for Senate, has a message exclusively for Daily Caller Patriots.

“I just want to shoutout to all the patriots with the Daily Caller,” Marshall said. “Thank you for your support in helping us get this positive message out — this message of compassion that I share with President Trump.”

Marshall added that he is “trying to help” his fellow Americans by keeping our country safe and serving the country as a “patriot” himself.

“My service in the military,” he continued, “I served the country delivering babies in rural America and now I’m getting to serve in Congress. [I just] want to say thank you so much for all your prayers and your support. Keep being great patriots for the United States.” (RELATED: ‘I Appreciate This President’: Democratic Rep. Vernon Jones On Why He Supports Donald Trump)