Presser Leaves Neil Cavuto In Awe At Biden’s ‘Far More Friendly Relationship’ With Press Than Trump

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Fox Business host Neil Cavuto took some time after Friday’s press conference to note how “friendly” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s relationship with the press was compared to President Donald Trump.

While Trump’s engagements with the press are often marked by plenty of tense back and forth, Biden’s are seen by some to have entirely different tone as the campaign heats up. Cavuto called the difference in tone “remarkable” after Friday’s Biden conference wrapped up.

“Man, oh man, there was a lot in there whether you like the former vice president or dislike him if like President Trump or dislike him, these were decidedly friendlier questions than the president ever enjoys,” Cavuto noted on “Coast to Coast.”


“Just paraphrasing here, why are you holding back your anger over the president’s remark, you keep talking about holding back your anger, why aren’t you more angry?” the Fox Business host continued. “Someone else, how do you feel about the president’s offensive remarks about military figures and how did that make you feel after you heard them?”

Cavuto then compared that to the questions Trump receives. (RELATED: Jesse Watters Explains Why He Thinks The ‘Smart Money Is On Four More Years’ Of Trump)

“I want you to contrast that with the stuff the president gets when he’s questioned,” he said. “It’s all fair game, anything and everything is thrown at you. Sometimes the president gets what’s coming, sometimes he doesn’t, but obviously, Joe Biden has a far more friendly relationship, at least in this latest give and take, than the president enjoys. But man, oh man, it is remarkable.”