Unfit To Print Episode 68: Pelosi Personifies Liberal Elitism With Salon Visit

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently violated coronavirus restrictions in San Francisco so that she could go get her hair done at a salon, but got busted by the salon’s CCTV footage that showed her not wearing a mask indoors. Pelosi later claimed that she did not know she was doing anything wrong and that the salon owner was setting her up.

Allies of Pelosi came to her defense on Twitter, even admitting that they thought she deserved to have her hair done because she is more important than other Americans. (RELATED: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says San Francisco Salon Purposely Set Her Up)

Sadly, Pelosi’s salon visit is just the latest example of liberal elites believing the rules they set don’t actually apply to them. Unfit to Print host Amber Athey has the ultimate list of COVID hypocrites in this week’s episode.




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