Crack Open A Cold One With The Power Of Thanos!

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You don’t need to throw a party for an excuse to throw back a cold one, right? Even if that means conjuring the epic power of Thanos to crack open your second, er, fourth brewski of the night. Okay, so you don’t possess any superhuman capabilities — you can barely twist open a pickle jar without a little help — but pretending to be Thanos, even for a second, can turn a regular drinking session into an epic one.

Not sure why you need this Thanos Bottle Opener? Perhaps the question is why wouldn’t you need one? If you’re opening beers, sodas, or whatever else, you may as well have a little fun with it! Perfect for gifting your favorite Marvel fan, even if that’s yourself, this unique bottle opener is ideal for house parties, barbeques, and more.

While this bar tool looks awesome, it actually is a quality bottle opener. Boasting the Infinity Gauntlet design, this not-so-little gadget uses its clenched fist to effortlessly pop off caps with incredible ease. And while Thanos would likely open a bottle with more explosive force, just using this fun prop is powerful enough, at least for you, anyway.

Even while you’re not using the Thanos inspired bottle opening tool, it makes for a great eye-catching bartop accessory, and it’s a great conversation piece at parties. Even for your friends who know nothing about the Marvel universe, this shiny copper gadget is pleasing to anyone’s eyes.

Spice up your drinking activities with the Thanos Bottle Opener! Get it for an extra 15% off when you use the coupon code GOFORIT15, making it less than $10 bucks!

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