Real Clear Politics President Says The Atlantic Story Won’t ‘Move The Needle’ On Election Day

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Real Clear Politics co-founder Tom Bevan told a “Fox News Sunday” panel that he doesn’t believe The Atlantic’s anonymously-sourced story about President Donald Trump allegedly disparaging World War I veterans will “move the needle” on election day.

Trump and other past and present administration officials have strongly denied the report, and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg said he kept the sources anonymous because they didn’t want to face “angry tweets and all the rest.”

Speaking on the topic during a Sunday morning panel, guest-anchor Bret Baier pointed out that there were “a lot of things that we thought were going to move the needle ahead of the 2016 election.”


“A lot of things, including all kinds of things that were said, let alone the Access Hollywood,” Baier continued. “People thought that his campaign was cratering a number of different times. Where are we on this? Does this not fall into some of that category?”

“I think it absolutely does,” Bevan responded. “I mean if you are a supporter of Donald Trump you look at this piece, you think it’s a total hit job. The president’s denied it. His folks have denied it. They’re not gonna believe it. And if you’re a Biden supporter you look at it and say, ‘Of course he said it. This is absolutely true.'”

Bevan said the real decision will be made by “that small slice of folks in the middle.”

“What do they think? How do they react to this story, particularly the folks who are sitting in the states that are gonna matter?” he continued. “I don’t think we know but I think this does fall into that category, that bucket of things that in the final analysis it’s not gonna move the needle and it’s not gonna matter on election day.” (RELATED: Presser Leaves Neil Cavuto In Awe At Biden’s ‘Far More Friendly Relationship’ With Press Than Trump)

Baier referred to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s upcoming book that will have “all kinds of things in that.”

“This is the beginning of a series of anonymously sourced pieces that will go after the president in all manner of ways,” added The Federalist’s Ben Domenech. “You’re gonna see a lot more of this before election day.”