Democratic Kansas House Candidate Admits To Abusing Ex-Girlfriend — Says ‘Medicaid For All’ Could Have Stopped Him

(Screenshot/YouTube: Aaron Coleman)

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Democratic Kansas State House candidate Aaron Coleman on Sunday admitted to abusing his ex-girlfriend and said in a statement that “Medicaid for All” could have helped prevent his actions.

“We must strive to create a society safe for women, which we currently do not do,” Coleman said in a statement on Twitter. “I believe if we had more early childhood education funding, and taught what healthy interpersonal relationships look like, my ex and I would have been less toxic to each other.”

“(We) must pass Medicaid for All so people can receive counseling and mental health support based on need for treatment and not ability to pay,” Coleman continued.

Coleman’s ex-girlfriend alleged that he choked and slapped her in December. Taylor Passow, 21, told The Intercept that Coleman, 19, physically attacked her while they were in a hot tub on Dec. 27, 2019. Coleman was reportedly mad that Passow would not agree to have a threesome with him.

“[H]e jumped on top of me, put his hands around my throat and started squeezing, and slapped me three times, and said ‘I don’t know where the fuck you think you’re going,'” Passow said, according to The Intercept.

Coleman announced he would be dropping out of his race on Aug. 24, but on Aug. 25 changed his mind, even after admitting to sending revenge porn as well as to bullying girls online. (RELATED: 19-Year-Old Democratic Candidate For Kansas House Accused Of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend)

The 19-year-old won the Democratic primary against seven-year incumbent Democratic state Rep. Stan Frownfelter by 14 votes, according to The Hill. Coleman faced allegations from women who said he bullied them with blackmail and sent revenge porn.

He admitted to the accusations. Coleman also faced criticism for saying he would laugh when Republican lawmakers die of coronavirus. (RELATED: Democratic Mayoral Candidate Sabrina Belcher Faked Her Own Kidnapping To Win Votes, Police Say)

On Sunday, Coleman posted a photo of himself in a kitchen with an apron on saying, “Lots of candidates talk about rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. I have some first-hand experience with that as a dishwasher.”