‘We’re Pretty Much Out Of Business’: Lady Gaga’s Father Warns As He Joins Restaurant Owners In NYC Suit Over Indoor Closures Due To Pandemic

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Lady Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, said he’s going to be “out of business” as he explained why he’s joined with other restaurant owners in New York City in a lawsuit over indoor closures due to pandemic.

“Once the weather gets cold, we’re pretty much out of business,” Joe Germanotta, the owner of Joanne Trattoria in Manhattan shared, per Fox Business in piece published Sunday over the $2 billion suit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. (RELATED: Lady Gaga’s Dad Deletes GoFundMe Page For Family Restaurant Following Backlash)

“We’re able to have about 20 seats out front now,” he added.  “I’ve got a patio with a couple of seats on the back, but without the indoor dining, I’m just about breaking even.” (RELATED: REPORT: How ‘A Star Is Born’ Put Stress On Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga’s Relationship)

The34-year-old pop singer’s father explained simply, “it’s going to be tight especially when the winter hits.”

“If they’re not going to give us the indoor dining, we’ve got to go out and get it ourselves and that’s the bottom line,” Germanotta’s attorney James Mermigis explained. “We have to force them to show us the science.”

“Manhattan right now has one of the lowest infection rates in the state,” he added. “It is ridiculous that New York dining indoors in Manhattan is not allowed and we’re going to have to go get it ourselves.”

According to the report:

In a statement Richard Azzopardi, Chief spokesman and Senior Deputy Communications Director for Gov. Cuomo said, “The bottom line is that New York City was hit the hardest and the Governor took action to reduce infections… We understand that some people are unhappy, but better unhappy than sick or worse.”

The pop singer’s father talked about not only the effect it has had on his business but all the people who work in the restaurant field.

“The whole situation affects the entire supply chain from, the food purveyors, the beverage purveyors, the employees that I have,” Germanotta said. “It affects the governor and the city and the tax base.”

Lady Gaga’s father shared how he has taken steps to ensure his customers stay safe during the pandemic like hanging “Plexiglass between all the tables. Even the bar is sectioned off so that customers can come in and sit at the bar.”

“Or they can sit at any of the tables and there’s a physical barrier between them,” he added.