Pittsburgh Police Investigate Video Showing Protesters Accosting Diners At Restaurant During Anti-Police Demonstration


Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Pittsburgh police are investigating videos that went viral Sunday, one of which appears to show protesters accosting diners at a restaurant during an anti-police demonstration, WTAE reported.

In one video, a protester appears to hit a man carrying a bike in the head with a megaphone. The man with the bike responds by turning around and slapping the megaphone, causing the protesters to slap the man in the head, WTAE reported.


The other video appeared to show a man holding a megaphone yelling at diners at a restaurant, calling them an “embarrassment,” as some patrons walk away. Another man stands in front of diners saying “fuck 12,” an anti-police slogan, and “fuck the white people who built the system.” The protester gave an elderly couple the middle finger, while a separate demonstrator wearing a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” shirt walks over to the couple, grabs a beverage and drinks it.

Another protester smashes a wine glass while walking off, as another protesters continues to yell “fuck 12.” An upside-down American flag and an “Abolish Police” sign is seen being held by a crowd of protesters walking beside the outdoor dining seating of the restaurant, who are also chanting “no justice, no peace” and “fuck the police.”

The incident comes weeks after videos circulated on social media showing protesters in D.C. surrounding diners at restaurants and yelling into their faces that “white silence is violence” and “no justice no peace.” The protesters said that people who didn’t raise their fists are white supremacists. (RELATED: ‘White Silence Is Violence’: Videos Show Crowds Of DC Protesters Harassing People At Restaurants)