Besart Hoxha Shares His Incredible Meditation Routine

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Whether we’re talking about pro-athletes, celebrities, or millionaire entrepreneurs, successful people tend to have many things in common. Maybe they write a diary with short and long-term goals for themselves, or they wake up early in the morning, but one thing that comes up again and again among the most positive and driven people in the world is their practice of meditation. One may choose to meditate to calm their mind for the day ahead, or merely to sharpen it, but adding in even a short session amid a busy morning can fetch more dividends than one can imagine. Thus, most entrepreneurs, or let’s say, even a self-made cryptocurrency millionaire like Besart Hoxha, advocates the adoption of the practice of meditation.

While speaking on the importance of meditation in his life, Hoxha shared that he considers it the most effective tool to attain his goals. He affirms that no other practice other than meditation has made him a smarter, clearer-thinking, and more focused entrepreneur. To combat what may seem like an overwhelming routine life, Hoxha recommends everyone to practice meditation. From his personal experience, the young entrepreneur states that meditation not only proposes to help an entrepreneur make good business decisions appropriately but also enables him or her to manage everything like a professional; without letting the burden of work come in the way of improving the business.

Photo via WhatsApp

Photo via WhatsApp

As someone who has been meditating regularly for many years now, Hoxha ensures beginning his day with meditation and yoga, since, he shares, it helps him relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve productivity. Make meditation a non-negotiable activity, he suggests. Hoxha further adds, “I aim to meditate at the same time each day. I feel it’s easier to do it first thing upon waking up before my day starts getting rushed and hectic. In terms of duration, I like to meditate until I encounter peace, and this, sometimes takes place in 15 minutes, sometimes in 25. For years together now, I have been following the same morning meditation routine that involves waking up, drinking coffee, running a few miles, meditating, and then freshening up for work. It doesn’t matter in what order you do activities; meditation will help in feeling active, present, energized, clear, and sharp.”

Those who are new to meditating, Hoxha suggests following a few steps. He says, “Get away from any chaotic space that has the potential to distract you. Keep aside all the electronics. If you like music, go for binaural beats – since it can help you feel relaxed and pleasant. Following this, get comfortable in the position you are sitting in – be it on your sofa, a chair, or floor. In the process, take deep breaths, go slow, and do your best to focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Lastly, try and let go. With every exhale, relax a bit more, and you’ll notice feeling like you’re floating.”

As a person who’s continually working day and night and trying to offer the best that portrays his dreams, Hoxha shares that he and others like him, definitely deserve some time away to rejuvenate and return as a brand-new person, all through meditation!

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