‘Talk About Extortion!’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Biden Ad Blaming Trump For Violence

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld blasted a new ad released by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign for attempting to pin the blame for ongoing violence in U.S. cities on President Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden’s new ad features the violent chaos of democratic led cities,” Gutfeld said. “Surprise, Trump’s to blame.”


After playing the clip, which featured clips of violent riots and a message for viewers to “put darkness of the past four years behind us and start fresh in America,” Gutfeld quipped that perhaps viewers of CNN and MSNBC may see the clips “now that it’s in a campaign ad.”

“Of course, if Biden wins the violence will vanish,” he said. “Talk about extortion! Elect me, or you’re dead. But it’s also based on riding something they kept denying. The Dems kept saying the widespread brutality was fantasy. They pushed it as mostly peaceful as if statistically that’s okay. But how good would you feel if you were told your parachute is mostly safe? But now they’ve read the polls and they see that they are wrong. It’s the only language they respect.”

Gutfeld argued that the media refuses to address the “real causes” of police incidents that spark violence, which are “drugs, mental illness, [and] noncompliance” that “exists across all races.”

“It’s that incompatibility that the media and Dems turned into fodder for unrest,” he continued. “And now, boxed in, they must blame Trump.”

The Fox News anchor concluded by noting Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s refusal to accept Trump’s help, which would have saved lives but also would have been “cooperating with Orange Man bad.” (RELATED: New Narrative: Democrats, Media Team Up To Blame Trump For Riots)

“Instead they sheltered behind denials until the polls force them to emerge finally to survey the damage done,” said Gutfeld. “It wasn’t just Joe in the basement, it’s the whole party. They hid from the hell until it was time to campaign, which answers that great philosophical question. If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there but Democrats, does it make a sound? Unless it’s Trump’s fault, no.”