Joe Biden Says ‘The Only Person Calling To Defund The Police Is Donald Trump’

(Screenshot WHTM, ABC Central Pa.)

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told ABC27 Monday that President Donald Trump is “the only person calling to defund the police.”

The question came when a reporter noted recent advertisements accusing the former vice president of wanting to “defund the police.” Protesters around the country have raised calls for defunding the police following the death of George Floyd while in police custody in May.

“The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump,” Biden said. “Look at his budget, he calls for cutting police funding for local – state and local help – by 400 million dollars. Once again, he’s pathological.”


Biden also vehemently denied allegations that he wants to “defund the police,” noting that he is “calling for 300 … million dollars more for local police” and “community policing.” (RELATED: Biden Campaign Event Features Activist Who Expressed Support For Defunding Police)

He previously noted this on Aug. 31 during a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he said it is part of an effort “to get police and communities back together again.” Biden has said he supports re-directing officer funding.

“I also think we should add social workers and psychologists, help police on 911 calls,” Biden told ABC27.

Trump has said Biden wants to “defund the police,” although both candidates have noted that they do not wish to do so, according to an ABC News fact check.

“Despite their policy differences, neither Trump nor Biden have shown any explicit support for defunding the police,” the fact check reported.